Dental York provides a superb solution to misaligned teeth. As one of the most highly regarded braces specialists in York, Dr. Bhatt delivers the convenient experience in teeth straightening treatments.

If your teeth are crowded, spaced or improperly aligned, braces can work wonders. Straight teeth not only look better, they’re also healthier, easier to keep clean, and an improved bite helps avoid jaw pain. We’re experts at moving teeth gently and safely for children, teens and adults.

What’s more, if you see an orthodontist early on, it may be possible to avoid or shorten the time needed for straightening later. We recommend that parents bring their children in for an evaluation between the ages of seven and eight.

If you are looking for an easy teeth straightening experience, our braces are a standout choice. Have questions or want a consultation? Call us to get started at (717) 854-1803!