If you have lost more than one of your natural teeth, dentures can make the difference in a successful restoration. They improve your dental health and visual features. In addition, they can also prevent the weakening of facial muscles, maintaining a vibrant appearance on your face.

Removable partial dentures are applicable when only a few teeth are missing. They are similar to a bridge, except they are not permanent. Full dentures are convenient when all teeth are removed. During this procedure, the gum tissue will require a period of healing. You will be without teeth for a time during this process.

Immediate full dentures involve a quick replacement of your teeth. The dentist will take measurements of your teeth, before they have been removed, the dentures are placed into your mouth. You can avoid a healing period where you will be toothless, however, you may need to schedule follow up visits to adjust your dentures. The jaw bone will vary in shape as it heals, the dentures won’t be tightened until the recovery process is complete.

Your dentures require additional time before they adjust to your mouth. They may feel loose, which can affect how you eat and talk. Eventually, the dentures adapt to your natural jaw functions and feel more like your natural teeth. It is important to maintain your dentures through consistent dental hygiene practices. Brush them to remove plaque and food particles. After removing them, place them in room-temperature water or denture solution fluids.

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