Emergency Care

A knocked out tooth can be a concern to any patient, especially when they are not accustomed to regular dental visits. It is important to remain calm during this event. A gentle approach to common dental emergencies can prevent additional damage and a costly procedure. During an initial emergency, take actions by applying cold compresses to reduce swelling, you should then contact York emergency dentist Dr. Deepa Bhatt as soon as possible for professional treatment.

Dental emergencies can occur from a variety of scenarios, which include trauma, worsening decay, or sudden pain. In the initial moments that you experience these emergencies, you need the most proficient and prompt care. Our team can help you revitalize your smile with our emergency dental treatments.

We perform various treatments that can help prevent or resolve a dental emergency. Fillings can be applied to restore the structure of a tooth after it has been damaged. If severe pain is occurring, the problem might be an infection of the pulp tissue. In this case, a root canal can be provided to remove the infection and clean the area of any remaining problems.

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